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The 1 Thing Teachers Need to Succeed in Mentally Exhausting Environments

Mental toughness is not exclusive to athletes - it's even more imperative for teachers to be mentally tough.

I watched the Mardy Fish documentary on Netflix this past weekend. It was a dynamic depiction of the cross-section between mental fitness and physical fitness and how that infiltrates itself into performance on the field of play.

I couldn't help to think of how teachers have to come to work with an athletic mindset in order to be successful. We train profusely, we get coached hard, and ultimately we have to perform - at the highest level. Our implications for performance don't reside in wins or losses; our implications reside in the development of children's minds and futures.

With the heavy scrutiny, low pay, and huge expectations to perform can you imagine how much extreme pressure teachers face on a daily basis in these mentally exhausting environments? This is why it is ever so important for teachers to prioritize their mental health and well-being, but how?

Community. More than anything I've learned that teachers who have a community that they can rely upon to navigate through tough times are likely to find the strength or strategy to overcome those obstacles. Communities can look different, feel different, and sound different for everyone. Communities can be informal or professional; it doesn't even have to be a place or person.

The important thing is to seek and find that community that feels right for you. Once you've found it, you'll know.

What's your community?

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