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The Game Plan: 10 Things That Teachers CAN Control

Don't worry about the other team. Control what you can control.

With football season coming up, coaches are gearing up. During the season there will be highs and lows, but in the midst of all that the coach will implore to his team that "we only control what we can control."

So much happens over the course of a game that is beyond a team's control. If a ref miss a call, if the other team plays dirty, or if the crowd is being extra rowdy. You can only control what your team is responsible for doing.

As teacher, a myriad of factors are out of our control.

So what can we do to continue our greatness in the midst of adversity. Because, let's face it, adversity will show up.

Here are 10 things that are in OUR control as educators (in no specific order):

1) Attitude (being authentic while not projecting personal life into school life)

2) Preparation (lesson planning)

3) Response to Adversity (angry parent, inconsistent administrator, critical feedback)

4) Lesson Delivery (attention to all students, high-yield classroom management strategies)

5) Professional Learning (there are so many ways to connect with like-minded educators!)

6) How you treat your students (instituting a classroom culture predicated on joy and respect)

7) Energy (your excitement about the content you are teaching)

8) Effort (how much you put into your craft)

9) Commitment (resiliency, not giving up so easily in situations that are solvable)

10) Consistency (say what you mean, mean what you say, be who you are everyday)

These are mine. Did I miss any?

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