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There Are Great Teachers Teaching at "Failing" Schools: A Poetic Exercise

This piece is dedicated to all the teachers working in the schools deemed failing, fragile, and unsafe. Simply, put. We See You, Teacher.

You go into spaces that most will not

Unheralded, unrecognized

Mischaracterized, Misidentified

You push beyond the D, the F

And you still teach, you give, you stretch

Not everything is perfect but you make your mark

You give the grace, you have energy, that spark

The same ones that turn their nose

Wouldn't even TRY to teach at that school I suppose

Because the kids at that school don't deserve a great teacher?

Like D and F schools don't have a hardworking school leader?

Every teacher at a struggling school is lazy?

They don't put in the time, the effort in daily?

Or maybe they just don't have enough PD

Maybe it's something they're missing that they can't see

Is it that teachers at fragile schools just don't care?

Is it right? Is it fair?

To paint a broad brush, to say all and every

When every school has its unique problems - a bevy

To work at a school that everybody deems as failing is heavy

An opportunity to show when provided with equitable access

Only then can truly assess

When the community bands together and refuses to lose

Then slowly but surely the scores will improve

Investment takes time

The solutions come from outside and within

Implemented with fidelity you will win

There are great teachers at "failing" schools too

You wouldn't happen to be one would you?

Whether you are you're not we all need the support

Teaching can be a brutal sport

Those who instruct in the midst of toil and defeat

You're invited to the table, pull up a seat

You have so much to offer

A gem, rare, strong, son, mother, uncle, daughter

Believe in the turnaround

It is abound

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