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3 Reasons Why the Teacher Pay Atrocity May Never Be Solved And the Good News Too

Much has been made about the teacher pay gap in light of the recent TIME Magazine article that has teachers looking so forlorn while the words on the cover briefly detail their situation. This teacher pay atrocity has been a reality for decades and here is why it may never be solved.

1) Teachers are in the classroom when important policy is being made about them. A common phrase denotes "if you are not at the table, you are likely on the menu." Teachers have clearly been on the menu as state legislators cut at the very foundation of society while teachers are busy teaching.

2) The teacher pay atrocity is directly linked to the field being dominated by women. It is my long held belief that if it were dominated by men this conversation would be nonexistent. Gender is the underlying factor why teachers are not paid what they are worth.

3) There is a strong misconception affirmed by many that increasing teacher salaries will attract individuals "just in it for the money." This idea that our classrooms will be infiltrated with eager, money-hungry people rather than the selfless, unwavering teachers who are willing to provide the best for children under the worst of circumstances.

FINALLY...the good news!

Social media and well-meaning people are taking up the fight. The inequity in pay is a forefront issue in a digital age where social media marketing can spark real change. This issue is gaining traction and will only continue to - teachers ultimately will be paid what they are worth!

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