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Reframing Teacher Appreciation Week: You Could Be A Teacher, and You Don’t Even Know It

At the beginning of each May, we set aside a week to recognize the sacrifice, dedication, and commitment of educators worldwide. During this week, we ensure that teachers know their efforts are valued through expressions of kindness and thoughtfulness – gifts, flowers, and handmade cards.

Did you know that you might be a teacher too?

I think it’s time we broaden our understanding of what a teacher is and does. A teacher is more than that person who dedicates their life to the upbuilding of society, but rather a teacher is anybody who contributes to this ideal of imparting knowledge, sharing wisdom, and adding to the development of another human being.

A parent is a child’s FIRST teacher – so all parents are teachers.

Trainers are teachers.

When you got your first job, who taught you how to properly use the register or stock the shelves? Those are teachers.

Coaches are teachers.

When you first picked up a sport or learned an instrument, who taught you how to dribble the basketball or play the right string on the violin? Those are teachers.

Instructors are teachers.

Have you taken a Pilates, spinning, or fishing class recently? Those are teachers.

Clergy are teachers.

Have you learned something from attending and participating in services at your various place of worship? Those are teachers.

Mentors are teachers.

Has someone recently taken the time to encourage and motivate you in a way only they could provide? Those are teachers.

Therapists are teachers.

Has a therapist guided you to take different approaches to resolve conflict and find solutions toward progress in your life? Those are teachers.

Happy Teacher Appreciation Week to teachers who mold, shape, and develop citizenship and society. As teachers, we share a common passion for advancing humankind in our respective way – wherever your “classroom” may be.

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