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Consider This: #DadsonDuty Can Work Anywhere with Adaptability and Willingness

Refreshing. Inspiring. Motivational. Inspirational.

Words cannot describe the flood of emotion I felt when I saw #DadsonDuty trending. It made me think back to the All Pro Dads Initiative at my school, which promoted fatherhood in schools.

Dads want to be involved in schools. Black dads want to be involved in schools. The profound impact of parental involvement in schools can be quantified by increased student motivation and achievement. So it got me thinking...could #DadsonDuty work anywhere?

#DadsonDuty is an example of community parenting. Because 2% of Black men make up the teaching force, male presence in schools is severely lacking, which is why coalitions like #DadsonDuty are essential. At the end of the video, the notion was made for #DadsonDuty chapters to emerge nationwide to help quell the crises in our schools related to the expression of violence that manifest from a sense of hopelessness among our youth.

It was such a great idea that it had many wondering if it could work at their school. It could - considering these factors: adaptability and willingness.

This story is based in Louisiana, and these men had a Southern charm and swag to them that was remarkably genuine.

Adaptability is the key. It would have to fit for your school. Originality is encouraged but the constant remains - fathers on duty - to provide encouragement and instill hope however it looks. It goes without saying, parameters and guidelines would have to be set forth to protect both students and fathers in a school-based #DadsonDuty chapter.

Willingness is at the baseline of anything truly transformational. There must always be a willingness and shared purpose among a school community that decides that having #DadsonDuty is a priority.

Sadly, perpetuating norms around the preservation of the school-to-prison pipeline would keep schools from implementing a fatherhood-based initiative even if they had a willing community.

It is so desperately needed, the presence of Black men dispersed among our nation's schools would undoubtedly make a significant impact on the well-being of our children. With some adaptability and a willingness to see it through, #DadsonDuty can be a lasting reality in every school.

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