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The Worldwide Impact of Teachers

reflect. remember. restore

To know them is to love them

Everybody remembers that one teacher that transformed their life

On World Teacher Day remember there so many teachers deserving of worldwide recognition, praise, and appreciation. So as we celebrate this special day let's:

reflect - Reflect on that "if it wasn't for them" teacher. The "if it wasn't for them" teacher is the one who mentored you, trusted you, tutored you, loved you, and believed in you. If it wasn't for them you wouldn't be who you are today. On World Teacher Day, reflect on how they changed the trajectory of your life and if you didn't have that teacher, consider being that teacher.

remember - Remember the teachers who are selfless. They teach hard and do not expect great returns. They appreciate the cards and chocolate but their purpose is greater. As the moniker from the next great Black Panther film, Wakanda Forever, notes "Remember who you are."

restore - Teachers need restoration, too. They are so many outlets that promote self-care for teachers whether it be through podcasts, audiobooks, or videos. There is a community beyond your immediate reach ready to pour into you and assist in restoring your joy in education again. Seek them and connect with those who want to make your mental health a priority.

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